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Sobriety Counter -EasyQuit pro New Apk

Sobriety Counter -EasyQuit pro New Apk

Quot;easyquitquot; is an app to help you end ingesting at once or via the use of a quot;stop ingesting slowlyquot; mode.
it has many motivational functions which include the money you store, motivational health statistics about your body and how it improves with out alcohol and personal motivations with a reminder characteristic.

motivational health phase
countdown timer to watch many aspects of your fitness improve as a result of your incredible choice to forestall this bad dependancy.

see how tons cash you stored by no longer ingesting and set a custom treat to buy from your savings.

play a sport of reminiscence to distract your self from the urge to have a drink.

quot;give up slowlyquot; mode with a customised plan and reminders to ease your body into quitting consuming.

write your very own personal motivations of why you want to forestall consuming alcohol and allow the app remind you of them daily.

Sobriety Counter -EasyQuit pro Apk Full download

28 stunning subject matters to personalise your revel in.

high degree of privacy. No log in, no series or selling of your touchy statistics like e-mail, password or contacts. Your information is stored regionally on your smartphone.

two outstanding widgets to put on your home display and continually see the money you stored by using quitting drinking and your time as an alcohol loose man or woman.

i hope my sobriety counter app allows you wreck this addiction and prevent consuming for appropriate to come to be a sober wholesome individual for ever 🙂

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