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Rooftop Run New Apk

Rooftop Run New Apk

Get ready to run, bounce, roll and slide over buildings to transport from one rooftop to any other in an urban surroundings in brief and thrilling approaches.
Parkour is a recreation that mixes rolling, jogging, leaping, and sliding from one point to any other to triumph over challenges.
Rooftop Run is the first-class parkour and freestyle running sport to be had for you, to get from one point to another in an city environment most speedy and excitingly feasible.
Master freestyle running, do wonderful movements, and finish hundreds of exciting tiers.

Rooftop Run Apk Full download

It is easy to apply but hard to master.
Do terrific parkour competencies at the same time as completing loads of severe tiers.
Fulfill your crazy spirit of parkour sport through dashing, walking, leaping, and mountain climbing from one factor to any other in an city surroundings.
Feel the fun of
‍️Epic jumps
Glass breaking
‍ Escaping from the enemies
Be the MASTER of the parkour sport through gambling Rooftop Run!
Download it NOW!

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