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RealDash New Apk

RealDash New Apk

The excellent vehicle companion app for street journeys, street and race tune. Or just having a laugh with your preferred racing simulator.

RealDash is loose to strive. All advertisements can be removed when you purchase a full version.

Pixel Perfect™ customization of dashboards. Limited handiest by means of creativeness.
Super excessive best visuals and animated gauges.
Gallery with downloadable free and premium Dashboards and Gizmos.
Read and clear car blunders codes.
Map and Speed restriction show.
Voice commands allow palms free operation.
Instant and average fuel consumption.
Performance meter 0-60, 0-one hundred, zero-two hundred, 60 feet, 1/8 mile, 1/4 mile, and mile.
Measure horsepower and torque.

RealDash Apk Full

Create alarms and visual effects primarily based on configurable triggers.
A lap timer with dozens of mechanically detected race tracks.

Supported ECUs:
– Autronic SM4, SM2 and SMC
– CAN-Analyzer USB (7.X)
– DTAFast S-Series
– EasyEcu 3
– Ecumaster EMU
– Hondata K-Pro, FlashPro, and S300
– Hybrid EMS
– KMS MP25 and MD35
– Link ECU (besides G4X)
– MaxxECU
– Megasquirt 1,2,3 / Microsquirt
– Motorsport-Electronics ME221
– Nissan Consult I
– OBD2 thru ELM327 adapter
– Speeduino
– Spitronics ECU amp; TCU
– SPLeinonen PDSX-1 amp; DashBox
– Tatech 32 amp; 38
– UltraSky EMS
– Unichip
– VEMS v3
Custom hardware and DIY answers thru our open protocol.

Supported Racing games:
– Assetto Corsa
– BeamNG Drive
– Codemasters F1 2015-2020
– Dirt Rally
– Euro Truck Simulator 2
– Forza Horizon four
– Forza Motorsport 7
– Grid 2
– Live for Speed
– Project Cars

RealDash may be used without connection to ECU. Then a GPS and tool inner sensors are available for:
– Vehicle speed.
– Your contemporary location on map.
– Current pace limit.
– Lap timer.
– Acceleration data.
– Performance measurements (with confined accuracy).

We hope you enjoy the use of RealDash. Have Fun!

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