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Raft Survival Hayatta Kalma Oyunları New Apk

Raft Survival Hayatta Kalma Oyunları New Apk

Ocean nomad is a new launch within the series of ocean survival video games with new enemies, gadgets, rpg factors, survival on an island and ocean exploration on a boat. Build and upgrade your raft for survival inside the sea, protect it from sharks and discover the considerable global round. Strive all our extraordinary survival simulator video games rolled into one!

features of our game:

masses of weapons and objects
open world exploration
practical 3-d hd – pics
survival on islands
advanced raft building

recommendations for apocalypse survival:

catch objects and sources with you hook

masses of beneficial sources in shark video games are proper below your nose. Chest and barrels floating round continually incorporate essential resources for survival on in the sea and wreckages are sincerely true fabric for raft constructing in ocean games. You may even locate gadgets, equipment and guns for protection of the raft, so maintain on throwing the hook!

craft weapons and armor

a prey can without problems exchange the rules and become a hunter in shark video games. Make a hard preference among masses of guns, – exceeded blade guns and armor elements to defend you floating base and hunt sharks. Craft a super arsenal and usually be ready for the battle.

️defend your raft

be equipped to adapt and combat for survival in the sea with a double effort, now which you’ve got one extra problem to deal with. The shark is now joined through swimmers from other survivor games and keen to attack the raft. No man can tame a shark and there’s nowhere to break out, so prepare for shooting and swinging all night and day lengthy!

build and upgrade

be aware of the circumstance of your raft at the water in survival video games in the ocean. It’s not enough to tie collectively more than one timber planks without a roof or maybe partitions to experience secure. Be innovative and enlarge the raft unfastened in height and width, due to the fact the only restrict for constructing in survival simulator games 2018 is your creativeness.

Raft Survival: Hayatta Kalma Oyunları Apk download free

explore the ocean

ever puzzled if there’s misplaced land with forest woods, jungle and animal pets on this ocean without quit? An extremely good feature of our island survival video games unfastened is now carried out on this one. Don’t take a seat idle — dare to explore the ocean and islands round. What do they hide: horror or glory, medieval royale treasures or wild tigers and frightening dinosaurs from the jurassic age or maybe an antique plane wreckage? Whats greater you could find sources, upgrades for the raft and different objects on the islands. You received’t want a ship or an ark to sail to them in shark games — a simple boat will do, and might the celebs be your guide.

analyze the tale of the apocalypse

an unknown devastating cataclysm turned the world into an infinite ocean and final survivors are locked on scattered islands like in prison, dreaming of locating their home. The hunt of our raft recreation is to locate them and discover the reality of what took place, locate different those who should live on and join them.

survive on a raft

the today’s release of our offline survival simulator video games is complete of developed enemies, new items and different functions in order to marvel every body. Download ocean nomad game and embark on an epic survival adventure. Play with no wifi or internet connection, final as many days as you may and share the outcomes on-line with pals!

our organization treastone ltd has full rights to apply the raft trademark within the united states of america (the mark includes fashionable characters without declare to any specific font fashion, size or colour – ser. No. 87-605,582 filed 09-12-2017)

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