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Incognito Away – Disable Incognito Tabs New Apk

Incognito Away – Disable Incognito Tabs New Apk

Your incognito tab blocker – incognito away.
incognito away disables and blocks incognito tabs from *google chrome*, *microsoft side*, *brave browser*, and other browsers (see under).

once set up, you just want to open the app, and enable a brief setting. That’s it!
from then on, all incognito tabs can be blocked as soon as they may be opened – it’s instant.

replace: incognito away now supports: google chrome, microsoft edge, courageous browser, iron browser, ecosia, yu browser and begin net browser.

give the app a strive – youve got not anything to lose
feel free to present the app a try. You may usually get an automated refund in the first 48 hours!

pastime logging
track and log a consumer’s net hobby including downloads, movies, audio and song played in their internet browser.
if a person later clears their browsing records, incognito away will nonetheless have a duplicate that allows you to see!

uninstall protection
worried a person might locate this app and just uninstall it?
fear now not. Incognito away has an uninstall and anti tamper guard built in.

this prevents users from trying to uninstall incognito away or tamper with the device settings it depends upon.

in case you ever want to certainly uninstall incognito away, simply enter to your password, and also you’re away.

scheduled tracking
pick to have incognito tabs blocked inside a designated time body – for instance, from 9pm at night time to 8am within the morning.

you can additionally enable scheduled activity logging too.

warning message activates
configure the app to display a pop up alert when someone attempts to open an incognito tab. That is a remarkable manner to offer someone a reminder.

secure, relaxed, green.
this is an offline app – which means, that this app in no way ever talks to the internet, and there’s no ads.
this is first rate because not like other apps, it approach that you could relaxation assured that records along with net activity only ever stays for your device.

you may affirm that that is an offline app by using checking incognito away’s data usage to your tool settings.

Incognito Away – Disable Incognito Tabs Apk Full

The blocking off provider and uninstall protect service are smart enough to spawn only when vital – saving your battery existence.

supported browsers
– google chrome
– microsoft part (beta)
– brave browser
– iron browser
– ecosia
– begin net browser
– yu browser
– google chrome dev
– google chrome beta
– google chrome canary

trendy advice for mother and father ▶
if you are installing this app for a kid, it’s far advocated which you do now not depart another browser set up on their tool but the supported browsers.

you could make certain that they in no way set up every other unsupported browser too – by way of permitting the uninstall and anti tamper defend safety characteristic at the google play save.

▶ i hid the app icon. How do i launch incognito away again?

both visit www. Smajenterprise. Com/ia/release, or you could dial *#*#20017#*#* out of your telephone dialler app.

notice: dialing approach won’t work on all samsung gadgets – if so use the internet site as an alternative.

▶ i forgot my incognito away password, what do i do?
please go to www. Smajenterprise. Com/ia/get better.

▶ why aren’t additional browsers supported?
its now not technically possible to block incognito tabs from other browsers however chrome and the above supported ones. Once different browsers are up to date, this app may be too. Stay tuned for updates!

please provide remarks by way of leaving a score/comment, or emailing [email protected] Com.

this app makes use of accessibility offerings.

this app is not affiliated with google or google chrome in any way.

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