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GPS Speedometer – Odometer App New Apk

GPS Speedometer – Odometer App New Apk

GPS speedometer and odometer will measure the rate of any form of transportation. The velocity limit is displayed on both analog and digital values and it suggests the velocity of the vehicle on exceptional scales. The Gps Speedometer app for bike will measure your tour speed and while the speed limit exceeds alarm will begin buzzing. A HUD Speedometer mph indicates the rate of your automobile similar to your car pace, and a virtual odometer will show you the auto velocity in digits. Car speedometer offline app can tune time, velocity, distance and your contemporary region. Mileage tracker app guide unique pace unit like miles according to hour (mph), miles per hour (km), and knots.

The most correct speedometer app will help you to keep tune of the street whilst you traveled at the same time as using or running. When you used the virtual Speedometer mph with the map it will additionally provide GPS navigation.


GPS speedometer and odometer have a easy and appealing consumer interface.
The vehicle speedometer app works offline, so if you don’t have an internet connection you may use this app offline as well.
Head up display HUD speedometer offline app is quite simple and clean to use.
Digital speedometer measures the distance meter and velocity meter.
️ GPS speed tracker app also indicates speed in notification and you could also permit/disable tracking on map.
Measure tour pace (driving, cycling, strolling or walking) by means of GPS speed app.
Digital Speedometer mph display HUD with correct pace amp; you may also use it for GPS navigation.
GPS speedometer odometer app will show you the common velocity, maximum velocity, and GPS degree distance meter as it should be.
Set a speed limit and whilst you go beyond your limits this app will provide you with dangerous signals.
Miles tracker GPS app gives you the potential to pick more than one colorings to show.
Speed may be displayed in certainly one of 3 exceptional devices (kph) kilometer in step with hour (mph) miles according to hour and (knots).

GPS Speedometer – Odometer App Apk download free

GPS speedometer and odometer are small in size and uses very little battery.
⭕ Digital speedometer car app lets you hold song of the road whilst driving or strolling
You can set your favored unit and you can also exchange the unit at any time.
Portrait and landscape are the 2 (heads up display) HUD speedometer mode which facilitates you even as travelling and using a vehicle.
You can easily display or cover the clock from the show screen.
Download the loose GPS Speedometer app for motorcycles, see pace amp; GPS degree distance meter and it will ensure your protection in relation to visitors.

GPS velocity meter app will help you to exchange between scales of dimension and it will additionally track your experience with the aid of GPS speed tracking. Through GPS Speedometer offline you could song speed at the same time as cycling, using, strolling, flying and sailing, and many others. You can easily music the speed of your automobile within few seconds with the aid of the Mileage tracker speedometer app.

Speed Tracker: Track accurate speed in Kmph mode, mph mode, or knots.
Time Tracking: You can take a look at the time of your experience.
Location: Easily test the area of your route.
Distance Tracking: Track your distance meters.

While the usage of the GPS Speedometer mph you may additionally play song in the history. With a loose bike speedometer offline app you could check your run, walk, and any form of pace. GPS speed limit app works quick even if you don’t have a web connection. You can use it on your bike and yours cycle. With the Speedometer app for motorcycles, you may effortlessly measure the common pace and maximum speed. This is an first rate GPS speedometer and odometer app for motors.

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