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Free Wonder Merge – Magic Merging and Collecting Games 2022

Free Wonder Merge – Magic Merging and Collecting Games 2022

Journey to a global of surprise, use your magic to heal corrupted lands, grow to be buddies with wondrous, extraordinary creatures and merge together your very personal myth island inside the #1 merging and accumulating game: surprise merge.

for hundreds of years, the magical sky meadow flourished, until the selfishness of its population created a corruption of the land.

Wonder Merge – Magic Merging and Collecting Games Apk Full

Matching and merging three or more gadgets uncovers the evolution of each, merging eggs allows with collecting dragons and other creatures, and releasing your merging magic heals the corrupted dragon lands and turns them right into a magic paradise!

step into the merging games of wonder merge!
⭐ merging uncovers the evolution of endless magic objects!
merging eggs gives them the evolution from eggs into first-rate delusion dragons!
there are dozens of magic dragons and creature evolutions for gathering!
⭐ preserve merging and gathering evolutions to develop and evolve your magic recreation land!
⭐ in the surprise merge game, merging is completely free! Youre loose to merge when you want and free to merge eggs or dragons for collecting without paying a cent!

the recuperation of the sky meadow is in your palms; egg merging, dragon collecting, creature evolution – all this and greater is for your energy to save the land.

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