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Free Skeddy For Lyft Drivers 2023

Free Skeddy For Lyft Drivers 2023

Lyft Drivers Use Skeddy.

Earn more money by way of driving with Lyft. If you have got the Lyft Driver app installed, you then want Skeddy to organize rideshare scheduling and get more scheduled rides.
Skeddy is a ridesharing app for Lyft drivers that facilitates you agenda trips near you and prepare driving force rides via the app into a worthwhile chain. We assist rideshare drivers (Lyft partners) drive smarter via auto-scheduling rides inside the rideshare app by way of the drivers’ options. It enables to mix the ridesharing time table and takes only the journeys drivers pick from the list of requests on Lyft – consisting of lengthier trips to the airport at the same time as doing away with unprofitable or inappropriate journeys.
If you use Skeddy for rideshare offerings scheduling, you will get greater trips you can prepare and revel in much less downtime with the Lyft Drivers app.
Skeddy supports the Lyft Driver app simplest.

Our cellular app does not guide Uber, Taxify, Gett, Bolt, Le Cab, Via, Curb, Ola, or every other taxi ridesharing carrier for drivers.

Skeddy discovers Lyft rides in advance and combines them for Lyft Drivers into a worthwhile chain experience.

With Skeddy, a Lyft driving force pick out from multiple available rides in advance and construct a driving agenda. A Lyft driving force just desires to make rides using Lyft driver app.

Skeddy allows Lyft drivers to devise their Lyft pickups for up to a week beforehand. With Skeddy, Lyft drivers plan all their rides with much less downtime.

Hands-loose force scheduling lets in for a less distracted riding revel in. Skeddy is coping with your rideshare vicinity pins robotically, so you do no longer want to refresh your Lyft app for drives at the cross, or switch between other ridesharing services like Uber for Drivers, Bolt for Driver, Taxify for Driver, and so forth. Skeddy lets you attention extra on secure driving. Keep your passengers, street-facet civilians, and your driving document secure.



Skeddy For Lyft Drivers Apk download free

The driving force can create and store seek pins as favorites, and re-use them within the future for the subsequent ridesharing trips.

2. Discovered rides are displayed at the map (day and night mode), in addition to in a list with the corresponding time, duration, and expected earnings.

three. Skeddy routinely accepts the trip by using the usage of the timeframe and distance standards formerly entered by using the Lyft driving force.

4. The Lyft driving force can either drop any previously generic trip or manually be given the experience, which turned into filtered out by using the clear out standards previously entered with the aid of the motive force.

Skeddy is introduced to you through a team of pinnacle mobile engineers from New York. We are not associated with Lyft in any way. At that, we paintings in near collaboration with palms-on Lyft drivers to make Lyft ridesharing work for you, and not vice versa. If you’re seeking out a ridesharing app for drivers that lets you arrange your rides on Lyft, you are in the right area.

Top states in which Skeddy is popular the most:
New York, California, Texas, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Illinois.

You may be the first for your nearby vicinity or the entire kingdom to start incomes more with Skeddy and Lyft for Drivers!
Skeddy ridesharing app for Lyft drivers is developing every day: it’s miles presently serving over 7,000 towns throughout the USA. We additionally plan to launch Skeddy app for Lyft drivers in Canada through the quit of 2020. With Skeddy, the ridesharing and experience scheduling enjoy in cellular apps will dramatically change quickly!

Download Skeddy app for Lyft drivers today:

30 rides FREE!

The following bulk discounts practice:
10 Ride Credits for $nine.99
30 Ride Credits for $24.99
50 Ride Credits for $39.99
a hundred Ride Credits for $seventy four.Ninety nine

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