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Free PiyoLog Newborn Baby Tracker 2023

Free PiyoLog Newborn Baby Tracker 2023

Keep an eye on your child development with PiyoLog, a new child baby care tracker. Breastfeeding, diaper converting and infant sleep tracker, infant improvement milestones and extra! This is a must-have for any parent who’d like to create a nursing ordinary and ensure their toddler is growing wholesome each day.

PiyoLog works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and may be recorded via voice.

No more want to have several infant care apps: PiyoLog is an all-in-one digital toddler journal in which you may log the maximum crucial records for your post pregnancy duration.
* Baby breastfeeding tracker
* Pumping tracker
* Baby feed timer
* Baby consuming and diaper tracker
* Baby increase tracker

Thanks to the variety of capabilities, PiyoLog infant tracker makes postpartum existence much less complicated. Whether it’s baby meals or sleep, top, weight or scientific conditions, the app will keep toddler nursing info in addition to infant milestones month to month.

◆Built-in sharing function◆
Childcare information is shared without delay, so both mother and father, nanny, or caregiver can check at the babys facts anytime. On days while daddy is taking care of the toddler whilst mommy is out, mommy can nevertheless have peace of thoughts via checking the toddler eating tracker and milk quantities when daddy facts them.

◆Record sorts◆
Nursing, Formula, Pumped breast milk, Baby meals, Snacks, Poop, Pee, Sleep, Temperature, Height, Weight, Baths, Walks, Coughing, Rashes, Vomiting, Injuries, Medicine, Hospitals, and every other information you want, in addition to a childcare diary (with pictures)

◆Unique functions◆
・Designed for smooth, one-handed operation even whilst nursing, etc.
・Equipped with time bar feature presenting every day babycare summary at a look
・Automatically aggregates and shows one-day quantities for nursing time, milk quantity, slumbering time, etc.

PiyoLog: Newborn Baby Tracker Apk Full

It’s now not clean to grow a infant. But having PiyoLog as a publish pregnancy partner and new child tracker makes parenting more organized and thus less traumatic. Once you start keeping a baby magazine and log all developmental milestones, you’ll find how easy it’s to nurture your infant and proportion critical information among dad and mom.

Check the baby food tracker to peer what your new child eats at this particular level and the way s/he reacts to this food. Consult their nap tracker to discover when they want to sleep. Look through the pump log to understand precisely while it’s time to get milk. Add your infant’s age, peak, weight to the milestone tracker and take a look at the infant development week with the aid of week.

Create the high-quality nursing routine with PiyoLog every day baby tracker! Accurate information = much less stress = happy parenting. Track and develop a healthful toddler!

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