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Free Eternal Saga Region Tactics 2023

Free Eternal Saga Region Tactics 2023

A grand conflict where masses of mercenaries are pitted against every other!
Experience a riveting current RPG with an exciting classic tale!

Players can create their very own institution of diverse mercenaries.
Enjoy real battles leveraging strategic formations and careful unit management!
Challenge the throne to emerge as the invincible Mercenary King!

※ Thrilling Large-Scale Battles
Experience thrilling gameplay in which loads of mercenaries warfare every other on a sizable battlefield!
Control your personal Mercenary League and revel in a grand conflict in a chaotic world!

※ Strategic Unit System
With loads of unit combinations, players can high-quality-tune their Mercenary League as they see in shape.
Deploy your mercenaries and not using a faction/type regulations!
Only Elves? A melting pot presenting every unit? The desire is yours!

※ Keys to Victory: Meticulous Strategy, and Careful Unit Management!
Try the usage of a Charge Formation for Calvary to rate into enemies or maybe a Shooting Formation for Archers to deal ranged attacks!
Turn the tide of the war via selecting the first-class formation for the scenario to hand and handling your devices carefully!
Of route, in case you dont experience like doing any of that, you may always win by overwhelming the opposition with sheer numbers.

※ Classic RPG Vibe!
Eternal Saga boasts a compelling story, offering hours and hours of gameplay.
Experience the world thru the eyes of Allus, the amnesiac Mercenary King!

※ A Variety of Battle Modes
Prove you have what it takes to be the excellent Mercenary League in PvP mode.
Need greater Gold? Head on right down to the Goblin Mines!
A kind of conflict modes (Faction War, Boss Battles, and greater) anticipate you!

▶Minimum Requirements
Android – Galaxy S7 (OS 6.Zero) / RAM 2G

** This sport is to be had in 한국어, English, 中文简体, and 中文繁體.

Smartphone App Access Permission

▶Access Permission
Requesting get admission to permission to provide the subsequent offerings:

[Optional Access Permission]
-Storage : [HIVE Users] Required to trade profile image and store/load screenshots, and many others.

※ Users are not required to permit non-obligatory get right of entry to Permission. However, this will limit get right of entry to to related features.

Eternal Saga : Region Tactics Apk Full download

0. Upgrading to version 6.0 or later is usually recommended.
※ Some apps may not provide non-obligatory get admission to permission.

▶ Revoking App Permissions
Users can reset or revoke permissions after granting get admission to.

[OS 6.0 or Later]

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