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Free BUBBLE. Наши комиксы 2023

Free BUBBLE. Наши комиксы 2023

BUBBLE are Russian heroes with unique characters and tales.

BUBBLE is a universe. Its an entire global with its own superheroes and its own legal guidelines. The every day lives that our heroes lead are familiar to us and close to our hearts.

But the arena of Bubble isn’t what it seems and it harbours superb, magical nation-states: The Collar of Worlds from the quot;Realmwalkersquot;, the some distance-away planets and galaxies with their inhabitants from quot;Meteoraquot;, an unique interpretation of Hell in “Demonslayerquot;, and lots of others.

Using the app you may get familiar with our universe of heroes, down load and read all of the newest BUBBLE comics in high decision and a handy format.

Features of the new app:

1. A superb reader.

Read the comics in a user-pleasant layout with our cushty reader. The reader includes 3 modes: web page-by way of-page, spread-with the aid of-unfold, frame-by way of-frame. Plus, a helpful machine of navigation via the comics.

2. A accessible comedian ebook and merch shop.

Now, all BUBBLE comics in a single region: you could buy the e-version or order a published one. A clear listing shape. And, of course, here you can discover our signature BUBBLE merch that is so cherished by way of our readers.

three. An interactive map.

With the assist of this map, you may without difficulty discern out in what order to study Bubble comics. Also, each and every one of the a hundred and twenty characters from BUBBLEs comics now has a non-public page.

More so, inside the BUBBLE app, youll locate unique pages wherein you may get to recognize the authors in the back of the comics, characters and the universe of BUBBLE.

Meet all the superheroes of BUBBLE comics!

Igor Grom.

BUBBLE. Наши комиксы Apk Full download

Petersburg known for his pushy man or woman and irreconcilable function on criminals of a wide variety. Incredible energy, an analytical mind, and splendid integrity all make important Grom a perfect police officer.


A darkish, demon-slaying avenger in a hood. With the help of a cynical defector-imp named Sneak, the strong hero hunts down, destroys and foils the diabolical plans of the devils that wish to show Russia into hell on Earth.

Andrey Radov.

The heir to a protracted line of protectors of Earth. He changed into no longer prepared for the activity but changed into drawn into the loopy whirlwind of activities: touring via time and between worlds Andrey fought with the sinister Magister who desires of getting his palms at the artefact that belongs to Andreys own family: a go inlaid with the Gems of Power.

Red Fury.

Also known as the pink-haired beauty Nika Chaikina. She turned into the maximum gifted thief within the international until a powerful corporation, quot;ICAquot; – International Control Agency, recruited her. Since then the Red Fury have become a spy despatched out to perform dangerous missions over the sector.


Also referred to as Alena Kuznetsova. A mythical area smuggler with an explosive mood. Always ready to take on any, even the maximum dangerous adventures.

Lilia Romanova.

A easy lady from Moscow, getting ready to enrol into the University… She in no way notion that as a substitute, shed come to be in the mystery order of Bookwizards whose undertaking is to defend the skinny veil between truth and fiction.

Our comic books aren’t manga or anime. They are Russian with a wonderful Russian style. Download the Bubble app and be a part of the universe of Russias biggest comics writer!

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