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End Of Days Survival New Apk

End Of Days Survival New Apk

Will you live to tell the tale the stop of days?
the modern era’s long gone, and the whole thing left is urban decay. Survivors are determined and starving. Food, water, and hope are uncommon. Will you stab others in the lower back, or spread peace on this mad world?
each preference counts… Select accurately!
the arena has collapsed from an event of epic proportions. Folks that survived are left to fend for themselves.
out here on the imply streets survival is tough. Vintage explosives. Hunger. Madness. Fights to the demise.

End Of Days: Survival Apk Full download

You’ve been in this global making it for see you later, you’ve grown used to it—the panic and the terror. The putrid tang of deterioration on the wind is a reminder of the beyond you’ve long forgotten approximately.
it doesn’t remember what your tale changed into. The simplest issue that topics is what’s. Fight, tear, lie to, and skeeve via the newly destroyed civilization you thought you knew. Behind you is the past—before you is a present day day, and another risk to live on in any way you could.
death is your oldest partner, and simplest loss of life will follow you relentlessly as you carve out the route of your future in end of days: survival.

-the arena’s maximum particular card-based totally dying simulator
-play as four authentic characters! Or randomly attempt your success.
-attempt your high-quality to live to tell the tale 6 situations
-over forty precise achievements
-over a thousand occasion cards
-at the least 4000 traces of text written in collusion with a horror genre hack
-mutant beasts
-technological know-how experiments
-an inordinate quantity of puns
-an archly satirical take at the post-apocalypse

will you thrive? Or will you die? Find out in end of days: survival!

the way to play:
faucet and hold left or right to your card to see which decisions you may make at essential story junctures. Balancing your fitness, protection, electricity, and power is needed for making it. Consider carefully how your reactions may additionally have an effect on your very own belief of authority, replicate in your intelligence, display your power, give a boost to your health, or game your success. The decisions you make have an impact on your subsequent direction of movement.

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