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Crash Dive 2 New Apk

Crash Dive 2 New Apk

Hunt enemy convoys, conflict destroyers, assault land bases, and shoot down aircraft on this long-awaited sequel to the high-quality-selling quot;Crash Divequot;.

Take command of a Gato-class submarine prowling the South Pacific searching for enemy transport to sink.

Sneak past the destroyers and torpedo the transports, or surface and have interaction the sub-chasers in a duel together with your deck gun.

When the enemy planes are available on a strafing run, guy your AA weapons to take them down!

Evade the searching escorts earlier than they could crush you with their depth costs.

* Smoothly blends a submarine simulator with arcade motion.
* Provides the tools for each stealth and offense; making a decision how aggressive you need to be.
* Full day/night cycle and extensive range of climate conditions affect visibility and weapons.

Crash Dive 2 Apk Full download

* Optional team management and targeted harm control (or allow the laptop contend with that for you).
* Optional upgrade tech tree in your sub (also can be left to the AI).
* Lengthy campaign mode.
* Random task generator for deep replayability.
* Both randomly-generated maps and actual-global locales which include the Solomon Islands, Philippines, Sea of Japan, and greater!
* Moddable game files if you sense like hacking.

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