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2023 HoneyLink Security Best Apk Download

2023 HoneyLink Security Best Apk Download

HoneyLink is a clever keypad for Honeywell Vista series safety structures geared up with an Envisalink communications module. It emulates the conduct of a traditional alpha keypad but with more desirable capabilities to improve ease of use. Common duties are decided on from menus as opposed to getting into cryptic codes. Encoded display output is translated to words.
• Real time access to alarm panel from your Android device.
• Application log facts arm, disarm, alarm and other occasions.
• Chime notification of panel occasions. Arm, disarm, entry, alarm, and many others.
• Foreground provider remains linked to offer chime notifications even as device is locked.
• Automatic reconnect if Envisalink connection is interrupted.
• Control alarm panel relay devices and on-board triggers.
• Customize characteristic key labels.
• Installer Mode programming help.
• Multiple partitions can be monitored simultaneously.
• Provides most desirable layout relying on screen length and orientation.
Installer Mode Support
Most Installer Mode features can be programmed the use of HoneyLink (see Limitations).

HoneyLink Security Apk Full download

Zones, Function Keys, Output Devices, and so on. Abbreviated and encoded placing values are translated to descriptive text.

Zone Fault List
The Zone Fault List feature presentations all faulted zones as a list of buttons that may be used to bypass a faulted sector.

HoneyLink can most effective be used while attached to the neighborhood community that the Envisalink resides. The Envisalink module should now not be made at once available from the internet because of protection boundaries.
Only one example of HoneyLink can speak with the Envisalink at any given time. The Envisalink will no longer respond to a second software if one is already connected. The first session will remain jogging, uninterrupted.
Installer Mode screens that utilize cursor position to edit values, cannot be programmed through HoneyLink due to the fact the Envisalink doesn’t offer the cursor role. *58 Zone Programming-Expert Mode and *eighty two Alpha Descriptor Programming are the most commonplace monitors that make use of cursor position modifying.
Installer Mode context touchy assist is not supported on Vista 128BP, 250BP panels.
Relay devices are not supported on Vista 128BP, 250BP panels.
For use with Honeywell Ademco Vista (10P, 15P, 20P, 21iP, 128BP, 250BP) alarm panel prepared with an Envisalink (three or four) IP communications interface module.

HoneyLink has no association with Honeywell or EyezOn Envisalink.

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