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2023 AutoMate – Car Dashboard Driving Navigation Best Apk Download

2023 AutoMate – Car Dashboard Driving Navigation Best Apk Download

AutoMate makes not unusual services available to even as youre riding. With AutoMate, you get the proper records on the right time, so that you can attention on the road.

Basic capabilities
• Maps – Search for instructions and release your favorite navigation app for flip-by means of-flip guidelines.
• Places – Search for nearby locations inclusive of fuel stations and eating places, with one click.
• Phone – Call your favored contacts, see call log, and without problems dial quite a number
• Messaging – Send and respond to SMS messages, palms unfastened replying to be had for lots popular messaging apps
• Voice – Take manage of the app thru voice instructions for navigation, music, and extra
• Contextual Information – Receive weather updates, see recent searches, get hold of speed restriction signals, and extra
• Media Control – Control many popular media apps using buttons or gestures
• Shortcuts – Keep your favourite apps and Android shortcuts at your fingertips. Includes short settings toggles.
• Data – View real-time engine records from an OBDII adapter with Torque integration.

Premium Features
• Set AutoMate as a launcher even as it’s far running
• Hands free gestures! Wave your quit the device to perform exclusive moves
• Traffic digicam alerts, never get a crimson mild or speed digital camera price ticket again!
• Customize wallpapers for day and night topics
• Startup options to make AutoMate even extra effortless to apply

• About: http://www.Bitspice.Internet/automate/
• FAQ: https://help.Bitspice.Internet/portal/kb/automate
• Join the beta: https://play.

AutoMate – Car Dashboard: Driving

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